EvoCity 2

  • EvoCity 2

    EvoCity 2 is a complete remake of EvoCity. It has a few hold overs from the original map but is practically an all new beast. It was built from the ground up to be more realistic and more immersive than the original map series. This map is divided into several areas connected by a series of tunnels. These areas include Downtown, Industrial, Suburbs, Farms, and Fayl Lake.

Buildings and Locations

The Government Center. This is the central hub for all of EvoCities government services. Police, and Fire are located here. Plans to construct a standalone fire department are underway. Construction is set to start at any time. This stucture also contains the offices of city staff as well as the city jail. It is located downtown. You cannot miss it.

Please note this is NOT called "THE NEXUS"

The Minnesota Building. This building is located downtown on Main St. It is a multi floor office building that houses many corporate offices of the companies in EvoCity.

Syndicate Tower. A holdover from the original map. Completely Gutted and redone in v2p. This Tower looms downtown just outside of the old district. What goes on in this building is unknown.

Big Bill Hell's / Downtown Motors. Fuck you Baltimore! As of v2p Big Bill Hells has unfortunately been closed and bought out by a generically named company called Downtown Motors. Due to the nature of the vehicles sold here the name BBH did not sit well with consumers. Nobody wanted to buy a high end luxury automobile from a company such as BBH.

Nathan Drugs. A drugstore or corner shop with a workshop / studio above.

The Furniture Store. It's a store for furniture. I left it empty so you can put your own stuff on the display platforms.

The Amber Room. A small bar with an outdoor area and a roll up window for serving the outside. A great place to grab a drink during your two martini lunch.

The Nice Apartments. These are nice apartments that have plenty of space for decorating to the owners specifications. 2 upper level apartments feature balconies overlooking downtown. There are also 2 small storefronts or offices downstairs that can be used as well.

Double Shop and Loft building. It is what it says. 2 shops 2 lofts. Both unique and not copies of one another. Each shop and loft has a nice view of the behemoth skyscraper. Each loft consists of a single room with a separate bathroom. They are clean and ready for you to move in. This is a building specific to v2p and v3p. v1p had a redone version of the old building from the original map's slum area. Please note there is an issue with one of the lofts' shower doors. It gets stuck and doesn't allow for the bathroom door to close and you can become trapped in it as well. I am aware of this and am sorry I have not fixed it yet.

J&M Glass Company. The former headquarters of J and M Glass. This building is situated downtown near Nathan Drugs. It features a nice clean interior for offices or the like. The building comes complete with a skylight and an old fashioned elevator that can be temperamental and dangerous at the same time. Buyer beware lawsuits may follow in the eventual death or injury of those daring enough to ride that thing.

Hood Rich Apartments. These are located across the alley of Nathan Drugs. These are very nice apartments if you like to fuel your crack habbit or get rid of that hooker that knows too much and threatens to tell your wife. There are no windows even though the exterior shows them. Some seem confused by this but the answer is simple. They just covered them up. As they broke the tentament owner decided enough is enough. These welfare recipients are too busy burning down and looting the town they live in so why do they need windows. board em up and sheetrock over them.

TTC. The TTC also called the Ticket and Transportation Center. Located Downtown on the corner of Northview and Broadway. It is the entrance to the subway which can be rode out to Cub Foods or to the Suburbs.

Bank of America. Located inside the Downtown TTC. Save your money with us so we can use it to give out bad home loans to unemployed welfare recipients. Your money is always safe with us. We are TOO BIG TO FAIL.

Midas. Need your car fixed? Come here. Oil changes and tune ups. Body work and major mechanical repair. All under one roof!

Nameless Workshop

Storefront For Sale. THis lovely shop is situated right smack dab in the middle of downtown. Just behind the Government Center and next to Downtown Motors.

Burger King. Have it your way. Food, fast, sorta fresh just the way you want it.

The High Rise. The nicest restaraunt in town. Don't want fast food? Come here with 2 floors there is more than enough space for you and all your friends to meet up and have a nice time.

Ace Hardware. Need something to build that contraption. Get it here. Located just behind the hospital off Main Street in the shopping center downtown. The shop next door is for laase as well.

EvoCity Electronics. Your one stop shop for anything that whirrs and buzzes. If it plugs into the wall you can find it here. Friendly staff and great service. Best Buy can suck it.

Downtown Fasions. Look trendy buy your clothes here. This shop is just as empty as you are.

Sincliar Gas

The Hopital. Get healed here. Please have your Obamacare paperwork when you arrive or you will be fined $2,000.00.

Cub Foods. Get your food on! Subway and bus access next door.

Fayl Lake and Cabins. The beautiful pristine lake of EvoCity. Surrounded by cliffs who knows what lurks under the surface. Great fishing and a lovely place to dump bodies or just to get away from it all and off yourself in one of the tranquil cabins.

MTL. The reason EvoCity was founded in the first place. This is the transportation hub of the city. All cargo goes through this facility. It is also EvoCities only diesel repair shop.

EvoCity W.T.E Plant. The power in EvoCity is generated here. Using waste to energy technology.

Outlands Bar. Isolated. Not friendly parking. Is this place still even open? Who knows.

Industrial Complex A. Just off the side of the river on CR 81 this multi building complex has housed many different companies over the years. It currently sits empty just waiting for you. Great for manufacturing, warehousing or a front for your not so legal activites.

Industrial Complex B. This was a former cement plant. Most of the machinery has been stripped out and is ready for a new tennant. Includes a small shop building near the river on the other side of the road.

The Farms. EvoCity has 2 main farms left. Each one has a barn and a house. They are located near MTL just through the tunnel.

Country Shops. This is a set of shops in the farm area. They can be whatever you want them to be.

Farm Supply. This unmarked building is a great place to start a farming supply shop. Plenty of space.

Used Car lot. This can also be used as a farm equipment dealer. It's an office with a fenced lot.

The Country Homes. These small houses are in the farmland area. Quiet and peaceful. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Suburbs. 4 houses are inside of this area. There is also a trailer park with two older homes inside. Each house will have its own Description Below.

5209. Split level home on the hillside. Nice yard. Nice landscaping. Lovely bay window in the front.

5264. This split level house has a huge yard and 2 bedrooms.

5266. This one Floor ranch home has a lovely bright interior. Plenty of natural light and a single car garage.

5210. This is the older farmhouse style home. Why is it here? It was standing when the others weren't yet build. The owner refused to sell to the developer so there it stands. Creeping everyone out.

Shithaus1 Inside arrowhead.

crappyhome Inside arrowhead.