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  • EvoCity 3

    This map aims to be the most immersive EvoCity to date. It contains many of the same features you know and love of EvoCity and many new interesting additions to allow for even better roleplay. EvoCity 3 is still very much a work in progress and is being worked on in conjunction with the new unreal engine version of EvoCity.

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  • EvoCity 2

    Evocity 2 is a complete remake of evocity. It has a few hold overs from the original evocity but is practically an all new map. It was built from the ground up to be more realistic and more immersive than the original map series. There are currently 3 versions of this map. All three will be available for download on the page linked below.

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  • Evocity 1

    Dating back to 2007 this is the first map series of the EvoCity lineage. There are more versions of this map than any other. As much information as possible will be provided on each version as well as downloads and possible issues with this map. The most recent official iteration is called v4b1. This map has the most chaotic naming structure of all of the maps. It was not intentional. Most of the versions were intended to be temporary.

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