EvoCity 3 | Work In Progress

  • EvoCity 3

    This map aims to be the most immersive EvoCity to date. It contains many of the same features you know and love of EvoCity and many new interesting additions to allow for even better roleplay. EvoCity 3 is still very much a work in progress and is being worked on in conjunction with the new unreal engine version of EvoCity. There is no set date for release of this map as it is constantly evolving. The main difference between this map and the others is the way it it laid out. It will be more spread out and have more roads to travel on. While some may find this not to their liking the goal of EvoCity was never to be compact. Screenshots will be posted below as progress is made. You can also keep up with the map on the forums or on facepunch. We appreciate any input you wish to give us on what you would like to see and what you never want to see again.

    Building List WIP

    Residential Commercial Retail/Food Industry Public Services
    House 1 Syndicate Tower KFC MTL Police Department
    House 2 Ventrue Corporation Taco Bell Complex 1 Fire Station
    House 3 Evo Bankcorp EvoFuel Complex 2 Mercy Hospital
    House 4 ??? Shopping Center 11 shops Warehouse District Courthouse