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EvoCity 3

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EvoCity 3 will be the last Source engine based EvoCity. We plan to make this one the most immersive and detailed EvoCity yet. Visit the EvoCity 3 page to see more info.

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  • EvoCity 3 Progress - Sgt. Sickness 1/23/22

    So I know a lot of you are looking for a status update on EvoCity 3. Well I can finally inform you on the new plan. I have racked my brain trying to figure out how to lay out the new map for some time as well as having serious issues with the source engine. Who would have thought! Any update to Gmod's version of hammer was quickly found to be a disappointment. Sure raise brush count but not vertexes,waterindicies or faces. SMERT! Only noteworthy helpful change is the increase in model count. Well after many many failed attempts at getting this new map off the ground and functional I have decided to merge it with EvoCity 2. First reason is time.. its been years.. time to get a release out. Second of all I feel it would be more realistic to do it this way. I want this map to feel like a city undergoing change as time goes on. It doesn't make sense for it to be a completely new layout. This doesn't mean this is just an update. I am going to roll out small updates on a test branch until full release. The relesase will still be called EvoCity 3 but it will be a very modified version of EvoCity 2. Changes planned for very near future update include revamp of the jail, increasing farz(done may alter for a different amount), small quality update to terrain, and a burger king remodel. This new test branch can be found Here and a new Discord for you to complain is also up an running. Be sure to go to the rules channel and agree by hitting the thumbs up to gain access to post.

  • EvoCity 3 - Sgt. Sickness

    New Screenshots coming soon maybe...

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